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Testimonials - Richard Edge The Suburban Dog Trainer

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“Having had dogs before we were really struggling to understand the behaviour of our 'new family members' Dolly and Fred. They were up barking at the crack of dawn....a big hit with the neighbours as you can imagine!!!! They barked at every sound, even a quick nip for a brew resulted in lots of barking and bouncing about on your was driving us crazy. In came Richard........within 24 hours of putting into practice his instructions the results were amazing!!!! We can now send them to their bed when they are getting too carried away and there they will stay until we tell them to come out.....get us!! They are much calmer and are learning barking is getting them nowhere. We are still a work in progress and are taking up some lead work classes with Richard next week to iron out a couple of other 'issues'!! However we have every confidence that we'll get there in the end.
We can't recommend Richard enough, he's very approachable and listens to all your doggy dilemmas and the results are spectacular. “

Many thanks Sam, Alf, Ella (and Dolly and Fred!!)

"Rosie is our first dog and we are absolutely thrilled with how her training has progressed. We can take her anywhere with us and know that she will behave. The training has been great fun and really helped us to put solid foundations in place”


From an excited loud German Shepherd puppy, Richard has helped me train Max to work calmly with other dogs and pass his Bronze and Silver Good Citizen exam.
Max is turning into a fantastic dog; I couldn't have done it without Richard. We are now working towards Gold.”

Many thanks Louise

“Richard is just a great trainer. Our Miniature Schnauzer loves him and gets very excited to see him! We have loved his classes, his professionalism, his empathy and his humour and think we are very lucky to have found him. He's just on the right wavelength! His classes have small dogs, like ours, big dogs, old and young - dogs and owners! He makes time for everyone and helps everyone. We can't recommend him enough - a joy to work with.”
Sue, Anne and Mollie (the Miniature Schnauzer).

“Harvey is your typical 'bouncy' flat coated retriever full of fun, energy and life! Richard has been brilliant in helping me train him, his classes are both engaging and fun!”

See you next Wednesday


“Charlie is an 18-month-old Cockapoo and has been attending dog training classes with Richard Edge since Jan 2015.  Since that time he has successfully passed his Good citizen’s exam for Bronze, Silver and Gold.  This has been due to Richard’s on-going commitment and patience, and also sharing new ways of looking at things especially if you are struggling in a particular area of dog training.  
We went to Richard following a recommendation from a friend who had used him previously.  Charlie had issues around ‘mouthing’ when he was a puppy and it was with Richard’s help these were successfully overcome.  At this time Charlie was attending another dog training class and I wasn’t happy with some of the techniques used and mentioned this to Richard.  Charlie also didn’t enjoy the training at the other class and I didn’t feel that they were passionate about what they were doing. It was with this we tried Richard’s classes and can say we’ve never looked back.  Richard’s classes are always fun, informative and Charlie loves attending.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard for any part of your dog’s training, as he not only trains your dog but you as well.”

Michelle Keelan

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