Fees - Suburban Dog Trainer

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Please see below how to invest in your dog's future training.

One to One Training Session
£95.00 Initial Assessment (please allow up to two hours)
£95.00 for New Home Service
£75.00 for 1½ hour session.
£55.00 for 1-hour session.

Behavioural Consulation
Initial assessment consists of a 2- hour consultation, followed by a 1- hour follow- up session
within 2 weeks of the original consultation, accompanied by a detailed written Behaviour Modification
Programme giving instructions and guidance for you to follow, with full email support - £195.00

Companion Dog Training  Classes
Scarcroft Village Hall, Leeds, Wednesday evenings 6pm-7pm - £65.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme - Bronze, Silver & Gold
Scarcroft Village Hall, Leeds, Wednesday evenings 7pm-8pm - £60.

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