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2017 here we come

Published by in February,2017 ·
January Blog

Well here we are in 2017 after enjoying my first quiet Christmas (usually I would be doing a university assignment) for 5 years it gave me time to miss my job, something that gives me a warm glow as to miss your job reaffirms I am still passionate about what I do even after all this time. That’s why when January hit and clients were booked I started the year with gusto. The Harrogate morning classes have been a success seeing a full class in January, as was the GCDS class at Scarcroft. I also moved venues and days for the Companion Class from the Dogs Trust on a Friday evening to Wednesday evenings at Scarcroft, which allowed me to have all my classes to be held on the same day, which makes planning the classes easier, not to mention allowing my some separation between private training and classes.

Both Drake and Guinness have been earning their keep, Drake assisting in yet another lecture and demonstration at Bishop Burton for the canine and animal behaviour students and Guinness helping me out as a “stooge” dog for those dogs (and owners) who need a little more guidance. If I am not careful I may have to start paying them a wage, luckily for me both dogs love what they are asked to do, so if you ever meet them please don’t tell them I have working them almost all their lives or I might have to throw in a pension!!!

That reminds me of what I always tell people when they are training their dogs, do your best to convince your dog that you are playing or instigating a game when your training your dog. They should never know you are “working” them, this can be done in two ways, first make sure you use your whole body including your facial expressions to relay that you are happy. Too many people scowl, yank and point at their dogs, with tight shoulders and school teacher stern voices, instead relax, smile and enjoy what your dog produces for you and reassure them that as long as you are together the world is a better place. And secondly have a trainer that can show you the training exercises in a way that you can have fun.

Which brings me nicely on to my New Years resolution, I will work harder to make ALL training fun, not only for the owner, but more importantly for their dog and their future together.

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