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You Can Be My Hero

Published by in July, 2017 ·
I mentioned in the last blog how people change their lives to accommodate their dogs and to some this may have seemed extreme, however, I think its only fair to spell out how dogs change our lives. You may already know that dogs are effective tools in law enforcement to detect drugs, money, guns, explosives etc. and you may also know their use to detect particular forms of cancer in humans, just last month it was revealed that dogs can now detect the early signs of Parkinson’s disease in humans. Don’t get me started with the assistance dogs give to millions of people who have disabilities, the list of their use in humanity is too long to acknowledge and everyone is a hero.

Hero is a great word and over the years I have had many, Howling Mad Murdock, Magnum and of course Don Johnson in Miami Vice (still my fashion reference ;)) however, over the years allegiances have changed and just like the clothes in Miami Vice we all move on. But I think its worth mentioning how every dog we own is a hero, after all they teach us to have regular exercise, be thoughtful, have a social conscience and the big one, companionship. It truly believe it makes us a better person and my dogs, rightly so are my hero’s, If you can think of any other ways your dog is your hero, feel free to add to the blog post.

The boys are in good health and the classes at Scarcroft have been busy, I have been designing a different approach to the classes trying to incorporate a game for each exercise we do, which seems to be working well, however, I still have some work to do to perfect this method of teaching, but I love a challenge. I am only a couple of months away from going to America and this time it will be on my birthday, which will make it extra special. I have started making plans, organised the hotels and its just flights to book and then all done! Drake is doing well on his new food (more about this next month) and due to more clients wanting Gundog training he is in his element as a demo dog for the client to work with, which is nice.

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