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Living The American Dream

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As some of you may know I was in America in October teaching, I have done this for some time and each year just seems to get better and better. It’s a strange feeling for me when I land in Chicago, as I genuinely feel like I am home. Maybe this is because of the amount of times I have been to America, or the assurance there is always somewhere to get a burger, but I think it’s the people; they are so friendly in the mid-west. I used to be out there for several weeks at a time, but with business in the UK demanding more and more of my time, I have got it down to just 10 days. In this time I had the honour to train some wonderful groups everyday covering a multitude of disciplines including scent work and assistance training, in addition to basic exercises and Gundog training.

The weather was warm and the evenings were filled with great conversations and fun, including an escape room event as a present for my birthday from the group. I was also a special guest of the Humane Society at their Fur Ball (great name by the way) a fancy dinner and auction event, which raised over $100,000, what an experience! And I will talk more about the Humane Society next month. When you can mix business with pleasure I really do feel blessed and with no hesitation my 10 days in America truly were a pleasure….see you all soon and I will keep living the American dream here in Blighty!!

Next month….Part 2, I will talk about the work the Humane Society in Champaign IL are doing and how they are probably one of the best shelters in the world!!!

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