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It's an interesting job being a dog trainer

Published by in February,2017 ·
February Blog
It’s an interesting job being a dog trainer, you get to meet lots of different people and help them understand their dog a little better sometimes avoiding major problems or more accurately misunderstandings. Some owners recognise it’s them that need the training and to be fair most of the unwanted behaviours I witness are usually avoidable if the owner knows what to do. I do sometimes see a gap between what an owner thinks their dog should be doing and the time and effort required to achieve this and it’s my job to bridge this gap as effectively as possible, but we must also be aware that some dogs (not breeds) may take a little longer to become the “perfect” dog the owners want and you may possibly need to reside to the fact that your dog may never be “perfect”.
Many owners are looking for a “perfect” dog, one that is good with both people and other dogs, will come back when called no matter where they are and what distractions are present and walk beautifully on a lead. For some this can be achieved fairly quickly depending on the dog, however, for the majority of us (me included) to achieve a dog that is “perfect” a lot of work goes into this. It is often thought that a 4-8-week training course at your local dog training school will achieve the training you need and again with some dogs this may be the case, but with the majority it’s just the start. A good example of your dog’s influence on your development speed are a couple of clients I saw this month who have had the same breed of dog for many years, yet the dog they have now seems totally alien to them with regard to behaviour compared to all the other dogs they have owned in the past.
The long and short of it is that you get back what you put in training your dog, I have never met an owner who put true effort in to training their dog and never saw an improvement, but remember depending on the dog, it may take longer than you think!!!!!!
This month also saw two of my GCDS owners achieve their Gold award, which I was very proud of, as both owners have always put 100% into their training and deserve the successful result. I am also in the middle of editing another short film for the YouTube page, which should be aired in the next week or so and I am currently editing a new feature for the business combining up to date scientific research and its influence on pet dog ownership, specifically with regard to rescue/shelter dogs, which should be released officially next week, so watch this space!!!

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