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Published by in April, 2017 ·
First let me apologise for the lateness of the blog but I have so much to do recently I only just remembered that I had a blog to write. I wrote last month about the issues some of my clients were having with buying puppies at crucial developmental stages and I thought I would continue this theme for the foreseeable future (or until I run out of ideas ;)). Strangely, this month I encountered several owners who had mentioned, sometimes proudly that they can put their hand in their dog’s food without the dog reacting; some owners have even read this in a book and believe it is a good indication of the dog’s temperament, Its not!!! The majority of cases I see dealing with food guarding can be caused I believe by the breeder, as too few bowls and too many littermates can produce the unwanted behaviour. But when well-meaning owners put their hands in their dog’s bowl or even worse take the bowl away, I think you are just asking for trouble. The solution? Breeders put out more food bowls than dogs, then there is always a bowl to go to if there is a greedy pup in the litter and the other dogs don’t have to defend their bowl. And owners just add (not take away) something tasty to the bowl every now and then. The result, a dog that will be happy when you approach and may even back away from their bowl.

On a business note the classes are packed jammed in Scarcroft and some further marketing has seen added interest in the Harrogate morning classes, which is nice. I have a Good Citizen exam scheduled in June and the owners (and their dogs) are coming along nicely. The one to one training and behaviour consultations have gone through the roof in the last couple of months (which is one of the reasons for the late blog), mainly due to the work I put in early this year introducing myself to other professionals in the dog world and creating a “dream team” business network providing professional services to my clients. I am in the process of sorting this year’s America visit, which I am really looking forward to and planning some big changes to the layout of the website and the addition of a new service, which will hopefully be launched in the autumn if I can get the time to organise it.

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