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Everyone has an opinion just like everyone has a........

Published by in March, 2017 ·
Interestingly this month I will be giving some advice, usually I refrain from this as the saying goes ‘everyone
has an opinion just like everyone has a …..”. But this month has seen me dealing with a lot of dogs with behavioural issues either caused or assisted by breeders. No I am not talking about irresponsible breeding, but those breeders who sell a dog after 10 weeks of age. You see when breeders can’t sell a puppy they either reduce the sale price to attract a buyer, pretend they originally wanted the dog to “show” but for some reason changed their mind or my favourite, convince an owner that the dog is better bought at this age as it has spent more time with its mother. Now without going in to all the science why this is wrong, basically by the time you buy a dog at 10+ weeks and have the relevant vaccinations and you’re ready to take your dog out on a walk or go to classes etc. you have missed the Socialisation Period where your dog readily accepts its environment and in most cases your bang in the middle of a neurological/biological stage known as the First Fear Impact Period where your dog can become fearful of their environment.

Think of it this way you wouldn’t go to a car dealership and pay full price for a pre-registered car with a possible fault when you can buy new?

There is a simple thing we can do to stop this and save time and money, just take your time buying a puppy, take advice from a professional such as a trainer/behaviourist who can give you unbiased advice on what to look for in a breeder and if the puppy is more than 9 weeks of age I suggest you look somewhere else. Now to be totally balanced my next advice is for the breeders who sell these “old” puppies. If you haven’t sold the puppy by 8 weeks simply get the dog vaccinated and introduce it to a socialisation programme, which again advice can be given by a qualified behaviourist and treat it like your own or in other words get it ready for the real world and its new owner. You can then charge full price for the puppy and everyone is happy, including me.

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