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October/November, 2016 - Blog - Richard Edge The Suburban Dog Trainer

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Published by in October/November, 2016 ·
October/November Blog
After my very enjoyable and fun time in America, it was all go when I came back and within in 24hrs of returning and not quite over my jetlag (it takes me over a week, no matter which way I go) I held the first set of morning classes in Harrogate. The classes have proved very popular already and has increased the number of classes I teach to three, all on the same day now, which is nice and allows me to concentrate my efforts on group training (I am a typical man, I can only concentrate on one thing at a time hehe). The one to one training and behavioural consultations over the last few months have gone through the roof and October was no exception allowing me to stretch my breed and training knowledge, keeping me on my toes.
Personally the biggest issue I have had in the last few months since finishing my degree in July has been adjusting to not doing the degree. Nobody warns you that after 5 years of intense study and then to suddenly stops takes its toll on your brain and body, I am only just settling in to the idea of having no assignments to do and having the luxury to plan the rest of my life. It’s a strange feeling, but luckily I was expecting it as the same thing happened to me for the first few months when I gave up my printing job and went in to dog training full time. To be honest looking back at the amount of work I did I can’t quite believe how I managed it, but boy do I love the feeling of having it!!!
As I mentioned on the Facebook site I am looking into starting to film some training with Drake in the next few months as he has had very little over the summer and with the weather cooling now is as good as time as ever. I am still trying to figure out what’s the best way of doing the filming and if anyone has any tips please feel free to let me know.

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