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May, 2017 - Blog - Richard Edge The Suburban Dog Trainer

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Wake up and smell the coffee

Published by in May, 2017 ·
Well it finally happened, I finally went on holiday after promising the dogs (and Gail) that we would have a family holiday together. It’s amazing how quick time catches up with you and it was only recently I discovered it had been nearly 2 years since Gail or Myself had a holiday. We chose Norfolk as a location and hired a chalet overlooking the dunes and beach. We had breakfast in the lovely Dunes café every morning, chilled out on the beach through the day and then had some spectacular evening meals in the Fisherman’s Return pub…all with the dogs. It really highlighted for me some of the training needed when on holiday with your dog, as they need to be well behaved in the café’s and restaurants at the tables you sit at with other dogs at the table next to you. Some of you might say yes, we know that and that’s why we go to our local pub with our dog, however, what’s not so obvious is the idea of making the trip in the first place. You see over the years I have travelled the country on several training courses and workshops and on occasion I have brought one of my dogs with me, which has taught the dogs to be comfortable in the car on a long trip and more importantly if the car is stationary. This came in very handy when we travelled the 4 and a bit hour drive to Norfolk (with a couple of stops) as the dogs were perfect and even more important on those odd occasions when the dogs could not come with us in the shops etc. the dogs were comfortable in the car.

This got me thinking maybe with the good weather coming, one of my classes should be at a pub, with a short drive for the dogs (and humans) to train without training.

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