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The Count Down

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Drake and myself went to Bishop Burton again this month to give a talk and demonstration of Gundog training for animal behaviour students. I love doing this as I can show a different way of thinking when comes to Gundog training and the methods used. I always know when I have had a good demo with Drake as we normally get at least one “wow” from the students, usually when Drake does his impressively quick emergency stop on a whistle. But since then I can feel Drake chomping at the bit to be worked, yet I cannot oblige as I am up to my neck in assignment, dissertations and of course training other peoples dogs, hence the March/April blog (sorry). I have my work cut out for me until 25th May when my dissertation is handed and I only have a couple of assignments left to complete for the end of June. I am already planning what to do once the last assignment is handed in, my last lecture of 5 years is at the beginning of May and I will be celebrating this fact with a bottle of champagne, handing in my dissertation with a bottle of Hennassy Brandy and when I get my results…who knows?

Both the Companion and GCDS classes have been sell-outs all year and we have waiting lists for each class, which is fantastic. I must comment on the GCDS group I have at the moment, not only are they becoming great handlers and enthusiasts I seem to have struck lucky that they all have a great sense of humour (a must in dog training). This makes my job of teaching a lot easier and it has allowed me to push the training further than usual with a few “Richard tweaks” along the way, which seems to be going down well. We are still working on the website to make it as easy as possible to navigate and use and will hopefully be done by the end of this month. One of the additions over the summer will be adding more information on the rescue training page with comments, films and photos from some of the organisations I work with etc. And we will be at this years Dogs Trust open day on 7th August helping out, so come and say hello.

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