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June, 2017 - Blog - Richard Edge The Suburban Dog Trainer

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Please Sir Can I have Some More

Published by in June, 2017 ·
June’s Blog – Please Sir Can I have Some More????

June has been the busiest month so far this year and as a result I got to meet a lot more clients and their dogs and what always impresses me with those I meet are the lengths they go to for their dogs and how they change their lives for their favourite pooch.  I have met those who have changed their jobs or location for their dog, who travel long distances for the very best veterinary care and yes owners who seek out the very best trainers, which is probably why I am so busy at the moment.  It seems dog owners demand more from these markets and as a result the market has changed in the last couple of years, with veterinary surgeries modernising every year it seems, new healthier/natural food alternatives becoming the norm and some fantastic doggy related products introduced daily.  Speaking of food I am also in the process of changing Drake’s food to one of the more newly introduced dry foods on the market, which use natural ingredients and aim to improve the health of the dog. I am personally interested to see the difference in digestibility, coat condition and stools, which are good indicators of a decent food.  Even though I know a little about canine diet, I visited The Barking Lot in Wetherby for some product advice and came away with a dry food that will fit my needs (and of course Drake’s!!).  Guinness and Drake are doing well in the hot weather with their cool coats helping them stay cool on those really hot days.  They both had their yearly check-up this month at the Westwood vets in Garforth and came out with a clean bill of health. On the days I have not been working with clients I have been working on editing my dissertation for scientific journal publication, which I am very excited about, although after 5 years at uni I really didn’t want to sit down and go through it, however, a year has passed and my brain is ready for more education…bring it on !!!

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