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February,2016 - Blog - Richard Edge The Suburban Dog Trainer

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Published by in February,2016 ·
The last month has been mainly preparing for the rest of the year; sorting my annual USA trip and putting the final touches on this years UK training course in October (more info to come for those interested in the next week or so on the website). Speaking of the website we launched a new one a couple of weeks ago and have still got to tweak it, the plan was to launch then adjust within a couple of days, but Gail got the dreaded flu and was out of action. So the adjustments and mobile compatibility will come hopefully by the weekend. The reason for the change was not only to produce a more tech savvy site, but to also hark back to what started it all off...Bentley.

I have got my data back from everyone in the UK and America who took part in the study for my dissertation and seem to be at the backend of it all (thank goodness). So I have started contemplating what to do with Drake in the next few months, as I have neglected a lot of his training recently and he’s chomping at the bit to work, so I will keep you informed of what happens in the coming months. It’s been a good start to the year so far with not that many owners buying inappropriate dogs, it’s always a shame when I see someone who buys a particular dog not really knowing what they are getting themselves in to. Dogs (especially working breeds) need a lot of your time and I even get told from parents of 3 or 4 kids that getting a dog is the hardest thing they have done; I can certainly agree with that.

I don’t normally give advice on the blog, but it’s that time of the year again when puppies are bought and need some basic training. Some owners can get away with their dogs just attending a basic training class, but at it’s best it will only give you a foundation to build your training relationship and does not combat biological and environmental influences as the dog gets older. My advice is simple, find a good class and carry on training your dog until it stops growing and you should have the dog you dreamed of. It reminds me of an old Gundog saying “12 months on the lead, is 12 years off the lead; 12 months off the lead, is 12 years on the lead”. Put the work in early and stick to your training and you will reap the rewards of owning a well trained dog.

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