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August, 2016 - Blog - Richard Edge The Suburban Dog Trainer

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August Blog buster

Published by in August, 2016 ·
August Blog
It’s been a surprising summer, as in previous years it has been my quiet time of the year and even though the classes have been quiet the one to one work has gone through the roof. I am not complaining since finishing university I have had chance to focus completely on the business and have enjoyed the extra work. On occasions throughout the year I am asked to teach at particular clubs or organisations and on rare occasions people will come to me for a couple of days training. This is usually because they have trained with me previously and (in their words) “don’t trust other trainers” especially when it comes to Gundog training, which is nice to hear, but maybe suggests some trainers need training, pardon the pun. So early August I spent two lovely days training two lovely dog people and their dogs doing Gundog work in perfect weather. Later in the month I was asked by the Dogs Trust to supervise and organise the agility course on their annual fun day to raise money for the charity, something I have done for the last 5 years. Even though I have very little agility experience I do know how to make sure everyone is safe and I have even contacted agility trainers in the area in the past to ask if they would like to take part to promote their business, but to no avail. Anyway it was a record year for the agility course taking over £250, that’s over 500 dogs in 5 hours. I have also spent some of August familiarising myself with Harrogate, as I am testing the waters on my return from America for a mid week, morning training class, which I am hoping will develop over the coming months. I have done the usual introductions to different businesses and I have to say every one of them was lovely and pleasant; it really matches up with what they say about Harrogate as being one of the happiest places to live in the country!!!

The dogs are in fine fettle and I have been taking advantage of the quieter classes to bring Drake up to demonstrate some of the more advance training exercises, which has been nice and will possibly start bringing him to the odd class through the year just to keep him on his paws. Time to start preparing for my US trip, which I will talk about next month including an unusual talk I have been asked to give in the UK.

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